February 20, 2023 3 min read

As February arrives each year, so does the annual "Halfway Hangs" event! Organised and run by StreetKarange, this is one of Australias most unique car events. Spanning over 4 days, it has a Show & Shine, Camping, Drifting and awards. Why halfway hangs? Becuase it is held halfway between Sydney and Brisbane, with a drift track 20 minutes from the campgrounds - it was meant to be!

"Halfway Hangs is simple…rad cars, rad people, and rad vibes!"

StreetKarnage live by the simple motto for this event "rad cars, rad people and rad vibes" and that describes this event in a nutshell. The weekend starts on Thursday morning, with most attendees arriving by midday to Valla Beach Tourist Park, a spacious campground by the water with cabins, camping areas and plenty of room for cars and trailers.

The show & Shine

in 2023, Halfway Hangs celebrated their 10th anniversary of the event - and the numbers reflected this. The holiday park was full to the brim of modified cars this year, with large lines to get into the show and shine and plenty of spectators.

Come Friday morning, cars are being washed and final preparation is underway. With over 100 cars entered into the Show & Shine, it is an awesome display of cars and it is no easy feat for the judges to pick their favourites.

From old classic JDM all the way to Euro builds and Drift Cars, halfway really has it all. With all cars that enter the show and shine having to be approved prior, you just know this is an event you don't want to miss.

Drifting at raleigh raceway

As Friday comes to an end, entrants and friends usually partake in a cool beverage or two, followed by a swim as the weather usually consists of blistering sun.

An early start Saturday (much to the disgust of a few who missed the two beverage memo) leads everyone to Raleigh Raceway, a track 30 minutes south of Coffs Harbour with a challenging layout mixed with a change of altitude, it is a favourite for many drivers.

Saturday is to consist of team drifting only, where entrants need to apply and be approved with a team of drivers to put on a show! Allowing up to 4 car trains at the tight track, this is a marvel to watch and can have some nail biting moments and leave some of the show cars worse for wear.

Sunday is drifting again, but this time entry is open to single drivers and allows for more of a Matusri style track day. Once again, these guys never fail to put on a show. Some of these cars take spectators by surprise, as they were spotted at the Show & Shine and were not expected to be seen shredding up the track!

The Awards

Another amazing part of this event, is the tremendous amount of awards that are on offer. Don't let the number of awards fool you though, only the best of the best are rewarded with a Halfway trophy!

Aongst the awards given:
Joy Boys - by Joybreak

Poster Boy - by Joybreak

Hardest Driven Street Car - by Black Arts Factory

The Willie Nelson Award - by Gourmet Bodyworks

Worst Team - by Death Clique

Worst Driver - by Death Clique

Best Dressed Team Mate - by Oaktree Outlaws

Fashion Killaaa - by Oaktree Outlaws

Looks Shit - by Cursed Sundays

Gravy Favourite - by Gravy Garage

BDP - by Hit and Run

Hate N Destroy - by Kingpin Supply

Spirit Award - by Wreck ‘Em

Goodest Award - by Goodest Co

Golden Oldie - by Beam Speed Shop

Wheel of Fortune - bySpicyBois

The Morning After - by Kworx Customs

Low Down Machine - by Car Make Revive

Tip In Of The Day - by TSD

Financially Irresponsible - by 660garage

Best Tandem - by Secret Drift

REGISTERED VEHICLE AWARD - Given to the best car/driver that drove to the event and drifted.

BEST TEAM - Given to the best team on Saturday's drift day

Last but not least. HALFWAY KING - This award is given to the all-rounder of the event. Stand-out car in the show, awesome driving, and all round good vibes, and was just a pleasure to hang with! 

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