April 03, 2023 2 min read

It is common knowledge that Japan is home to many immense, unique and amazing automotive builds. Igor's GT86 is no exception! Don't let the plates fool you, this street driven drift monster sees as much track time as it does street time!

The Build.

With Igor's shell of choice a 2014 GT86, he decided to keep the heart of this in check with the original manufacturer. Backdating a few years, he has opted for a VVTi 1jz, slapping on a Gen 2 PSR3076, a JR Racing manifold and all the usual forged components to handle the drift abuse. It puts down a very responsive 450whp through the standard R154 for now. The next modifications will include a rear mounted rad setup to keep the 1J at optimum temps all year round!

Inside the cockpit, Igor is still finishing up the interior. Currently running Bride Zeta II seats and his own Br Club steering wheel and harnesses. Future plans do include finishing the interior up with a roll cage and a fresh lick of paint.

Having owned the car for 3 years now, Igor's favourite piece of the car is still the 1J swap. Out of curiosity, we asked if he would ever sell it. Although he has no intention to, the right offer could change his mind.

As we mentioned, don't let these plates fool you. Igor drives the wheels off this thing at the track! The Rocketbunny V3 kit leaves plenty of room for the WiseFab lock kit to do it's work, pulling an insane amount of front lock out of the GT86! Paired with GP-Sports G Master coilovers, it leaves a perfect ride for street or track adventures.

We asked what Igor biggest inspiration was building this car and he said the Ryan Tuerck was one of his biggest inspirations when building this car. Although he loves his GT86, he would absolutely love to own an A91 Manual Supra.

Igor would also love to give a special thanks to all friends who gave him support and all the sponsors who believed in this project.

Alexandre Makino (TLS GARAGE)

Mitsuo Ishii (MONKEY GARAGE)

Douglas Watanabe (TOP CARS)


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