January 18, 2023 1 min read

While there was an immense amount of manufacturer cars on display, with most brands bringing one of every model on sale at the moment, we have decided to focus on the feature cars of each stand for this article. 


Nissan unveiled the highly anticipated 2024 GTR at Auto Salon this year, with both a premium T-spec GTR and the Nismo version on display. With the continuation of the GTR, they have returned the options for the notorious Millenium Jade and Midnight Purple colours, along with some new colour options.

Whilst the T-spec boasts a lovely 565hp figure, the Nismo edition has been bumped up to 600hp with many aesthetic and aero improvements from bumper to bumper.


Toyotas' highlight (arguably the most innovative piece of TAS 2023) was their pair of pandas AE86's, a Sprinter Trueno with a Hydrogen Powered 4AGE, and a Levin featuring an EV power source, with charge port in the original fuel filler location. 

Aesthetically from the outside and interior, they are true to form, with a classic tuned look featuring Bride Seats, Nardi Wheels, and bolt-in Roll Cage while still retaining the full interior. 

Both cars were immaculately presented, and give a promising look at the potential for modern power options to keep retro cars sustainable for the future.


Subaru's most intersting cars on display were definitely the Super GT300 BRZ making 450hp out of it's 2.0 Litre Engine and their WRX STI NBR Challenge Car, Subaru's factory entry to the Nurburgring 24hr which competes in the SP3T Class, which completed 145 laps and finished 19th overall. 


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