January 18, 2023 1 min read

Arguably the stand with the largest presence at Auto Salon this year was the Liberty Walk team.
Renowned for their wide-body kits, crazy wheels, and slammed suspension on high-end Supercars - they didn’t fail to live up to their name.

Liberty walk f40 reveal

Front and centre of the event was the reveal of the Liberty Walk F40. After being teased over the internet for the last few months, jaws dropped when the covers come off.

Sacrilege to some, however, we can’t argue with how amazing this machine looks. They have found the perfect balance with this kit maintaining the factory shape, but adding that extra bit of width we have grown to love and appreciate.

more of liberty walks finest builds

As you entered the main hall, the 2 aqua Lamborghinis side by side was the first thing to catch your eye! 

Once you got to their stand, it was hard to leave. You could spend hours admiring their works of art. 

We find one part of TAS which sets it apart from other shows, is how close you can get to the majority of the vehicles on display without ropes or fences in the way.

The rest of their stall was riddled with an array of their builds - too many to list! From their S15 to their Huracan and 458 build, they had something for everyone

Overall, the Liberty Walk stand was a stand-out highlight for TAS 2023 and we look forward to what the future brings for LBWK!

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