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2021, Hunter Taylor joined the Hardtuned Team as a professional athlete.  With plenty of new sponsors on board and her supportive (now husband!) partner Fredric Aasbo, we are excited to see what she achieves this year. Her 2022 season was cut short due to a broken wrist and surgery complications, but she came back for 2023 and showed everyone what she had to offer, with multiple podium finishes over Europe.

“Once you put on a helmet gender doesn’t matter anymore. We are all equals when racing”

About Hunter and her team

In a male dominated sport, Hunter is here to break the stigma and we will be supporting her along the way! We can't wait to see her take on Europe this year.

Hunter drivers her acclaimed Mk4 Supra , this car has been built to drift. With a big single Borgwarner turbo and 820hp, this will get the job done at any track she steers.

Tech wise, Hunter is running MAXXECU Race ECU.

The exterior has been left relatively stock for now, with a simple kit and some widebody front guards to allow for more lock Hunter has really kept the classic look of the Mk4 supra.

We can't wait to see Hunter travel Europe and carve her name even further in the Drift scene. Stay tuned for updates on Hunter's performance.

An insight into Hunter's personal life

Here at Hardtuned, we love to get to know our athletes on a personal level - so we thought we would dive a little deeper and find out some interesting facts about Hunter

How / What made you get into motorsport?

I’ve been into cars since I was a little girl and that continued through high school. Before street cars and drifting I was heavily into Offroad racing and the desert life in California.

I met Fredric Aasbø in my early 20’s and he introduced me to drifting for my first time on the frozen lakes of Norway, which created a monster who is addicted to the sport. Ever since then drifting has become my life and I put all my time and effort into this lifestyle. It’s the only thing on this planet that makes me feel like I have purpose and gives me a sense of accomplishment. 

What was your first race car?

V6 Mustang in high school (my Dad wouldn’t let me have a V8)

Much to my Dad's disgust this unfortunately did not stop me getting speeding tickets!

What is your favourite Circuit?

My favourite track to drive would have to be Vålerbanen Race Track in Norway.

Is there any drivers you look up to (and why)?

The Japanese drifting ladies. Their style, full commitment and grace on track is something I can only aspire to be.   

Most memorable Battle?

The very first Top 16 round I ever won back in 2021 during a Pro 2 comp. Also, beating some of the big pro drivers here in Norway during a PowerSlide competition at Gatebil in 2022. That tasted the sweetest. 

What have been the highlights of your career?

My career has be full of highlights and I am certain they will keep coming, however a stand out for me was obtaining an energy drink sponsorship as I believe that's what most drivers dream of. I'm incredibly grateful and it’s so rewarding to see 6 years of drifting and content creating, finally paying off. 

Favourite Driving Technique?

I love the style and aggression of the drivers in Japan!

Hobbies outside of racing?

I am big on Self Care, I love eating healthy and participating in Pilates. Healthy mind, healthy life!

Favourite Food?

I am a sucker for Japanese and Korean food 

Favourite Drink?

Torst energy drink, obviously! Other than that, I don't mind a cheeky Gin and Tonic. 

Your Dream Street Car?

Toyota JZX100 for sure!

Any Driving Tips you can give us?

Manifest your dreams. The universe never says “No” it only says “Not yet”. 

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