Hardtuned ELGlow® Downloads

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Animation Request?

For suggestions, comments, support, or ideas for new animations you want us to create, (or to send us animations you have created yourself!) then hit us up at sales@hardtunedstore.com

Help & Manuals

User Manual: User Manual PDF


Frequently Asked Questions

What size GIF images work with the panel

Custom animations need to be 64 x 20 pixels in size, saved in GIF format up to 256 colors with transparency turned OFF. 

I want a custom animation you dont have! 

No problem! Email us at sales@hardtunedstore.com

Why is the Hardtuned app not working with my panel?

Unfortunately as with all good things, there are cheap copies out there. 
If you find your panel has stopped working or the app has locked you out or banned you, then chances are you may have accidently purchased a fake LED Panel from somewhere else.

We are now actively banning connections from the fake Hardtuned panels as we see them access the app.  If there has been a mistake please reach out to support to rectify the issue.


Safety & Information

While we have spent all care with testing the product thoroughly before release we DO NOT recommend leaving EL items running unattended or in direct sunlight for long periods of time as this may cause the product to fail or be a fire risk, especially on high temperature days.
Many states/countries have strict laws about lighting & signage on cars, please check your local laws before usage while driving on public roads!