January 14, 2023 2 min read

The Work Wheels booth is always one of the highlights of Tokyo Autosalon, taking front and centre in hall number 8. A legend in the industry, its booth had a mesmerizing display of not only their latest designs but also fresh takes on old classics, along with an amazing array of incredible show cars - it's no wonder why this booth is one of the most popular attractions at the show.

The history and legacy of Work Wheels

Work Wheels has been at the forefront of wheel design since its founding in 1977. It quickly rose to become a global leader in wheel performance, style, and the pinnacle of Japanese quality and craftsmanship.

Work Wheels has stayed true to its roots, offering top-quality products that are made with precision and care for all types of drivers.  From Equip to Gnosis, VS-XX to Meister, there are wheels to suit all types of motorsport and street applications, their range being some of the most sought-after wheels, found on cars owned by some of the most influential figures in the automotive industry for many years.

The latest designs on show

At Tokyo Autosalon 2023, the Work Wheels booth showcases an array of new designs never before seen. There is a special focus on the 'new vintage' look, with wheels sporting classic designs in modern sizes and colours. 

The cars of the Work Wheel booth

The Work Wheels booth primarily featured Daigo Saito's A90 Supra this year, however, they also had a very unique Lexus LX600 showcasing a set of new wheels. Each car has been outfitted with one-of-a-kind wheels, giving visitors an idea of what the future of wheel design looks like. Visitors can also get an inside look at the wheel manufacturing process by taking a tour of the booth’s workshops. The booths are staffed with knowledgeable technicians who are more than happy to answer any questions about wheel design or proper installation techniques.

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